BMW classifieds: are electric cars better?

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The same carriage once was replaced by an internal combustion engine, so it is going to happen with electric cars that are in turn expected to replace the petrol-powered vehicles. Everything shows that the future of cars is inevitably linked to electric motors, and only by switching to more environmentally friendly vehicles will it be possible to achieve the European Green Deal's goal of climate neutrality by the year 2050. It is not just a speculation that electromobiles are the future of transportation, but just a matter of time. There is no need to go to a fortune teller or wait for the unknown day X… Just after 29 years mainly CO2-neutral cars are going to be seen on European roads.

It does not mean that the transition will happen within 1 day. Also the cars replaced horses step by step. At the beginning it was not easy and caused some inconveniences... It is not possible to jump over a fence with a car, for example, and at the very beginning the oil for the car had to be heated until it reached a certain temperature! That is how this analogy is explained in the “Tērējam Gudri” podcast. Also today many that are considering electric cars, are doubting the infrastructure and worrying how easy it is gonna be to find a charging point and about other questions. Just as it was 100 years ago. After all, electric cars are still something new and a great part of the population has never been in one! A total of 1606 cars have been registered in Latvia, and that makes up a small part of the total car market.

There is a site in Latvia where BMW classifieds offer a separate electric cars' section. They can be distinguished by names - electric cars do not have a series number, but there is a letter i that follows BMW. In the classifieds' section there are 2 models: the legendary i3 and i8. This portal is, which is considered to be the most innovative and multifunctional classifieds platform in Latvia. It offers significant support to car buyers and sellers as well as previously unseen opportunities. In cooperation with Dalder, let's take a look at the central question of the article: are electric cars better?

0 emissions

First of all, electric cars are surely much better when considering environment and sustainability. It means 0 CO2 emissions. The owner of electric cars will soon notice how stinky other cars actually are in the traffic!

A transition to greener transportation reflects the overall progress of society. We become more conscious about the environment around us and our impact on it. And the effects of global warming and the degradation of the environment has become a way too serious existential threat to humanity to keep on ignoring it.

More karma points?

To take care of the environment is also at the heart of christian calling and many other philosophical systems. Electric cars are something that an atheist as well as catholic or Indian yogi can all agree upon - they surely do not hurt our planet. A motivation to buy an electric car may be different for everyone, among the reasons may be a belief that human beings are responsible for taking care of the God-created-world, but it may as well be just a simple consideration of one's own and his children's future.

If we look at this question from the perspective of karma points, we really see how true its definition is - if we hurt others, we actually hurt ourselves. And what car we drive is closely linked to how much CO2 gets into the atmosphere, the environmental crisis and, finally, the quality of our own life on the planet. And if we believe karma points, choosing an electric car will surely give some pluses.

A more silent life

It is possible that many do not care about counting karma points. However, those moments when it is possible to be at peace and silence one still may want to enjoy more. That is what happens when you buy an electric car. It may not be so easy to get accustomed first - no roaring of an engine when a car is started! And at the dawn of the era of electric cars also the pedestrians should become more cautious when crossing the road - it may happen that they may not even hear the cars approaching! If everyone chose an electric car at the very moment, life on highways would become similar to an idyll in which silence could be heard. That may seem like an utopian dream. When using the washing machine for the first time, our grandmothers surely also thought that they had been taken to paradise!

Status VIP

For the owners of electric cars it is possible to taste the sensation of being a bit more special by having certain advantages: one can drive on the lane of public transportation, not pay taxes related to road usage, leave the car in the parkings of Riga free of charge and not pay for driving through Jūrmala. And that is actually something that can be measured both by money and time savings.

It may decrease the time needed for traveling even by more than half, and those that work in the center of Riga or live there, surely will be thankful for an opportunity to finally park the car easily without desperately looking for a free parking spot. Those are just some of the points that show why electromobile is also a better choice when considering the financial aspect.

How much does it cost?

A used electromobile can be found in the market for a few thousand euros. However, it is always necessary to take a look at the mileage and evaluate the condition of the battery. Nevertheless, buying an electric BMW is more expensive than choosing a petrol-powered one.

But also the decreased costs of daily usage should be taken into account. Electric cars are less likely to be taken to car service, which means that the costs for repair are expected to be most likely close to zero. Experience of many owners of electric cars has proven that. One may only need to change the tires! Electric cars can also be charged at home, besides the electricity can be produced on the roof of the house with sun batteries.

On average the price of a new electric car fluctuates starting from 20000 to 40000 EUR. BMW prices can also be viewed on classifieds portal, in which the ads are posted both by individuals and dealers and companies. The advantage of this portal is the option to get to know more about the seller as each one has a website created within the site. There can be reviews of previous customers found as well as more information about the company and its offers.

BMW green market

BMW also offers hybrids and charging hybrids, which are accepted along with the electric cars by the European Green Deal as nature-friendly vehicles. A hybrid means that the internal combustion engine starts working only when the car is fully out of battery.

The statistics show that 9 out 10 owners of electric cars would go for an electric car again if buying a new one. Besides, BMW has planned to create 9 new models of electric cars by the year 2025. That means the demand is growing and the offer is expanding as well.

An ad/classified on can be posted free of charge in any category, including the section of car classifieds. It comes along with free creation of a website that serves as a united profile of seller and buyer.

Maybe it is time to sell the old car and choose something more nature friendly instead? But maybe BMW electromobile is going to be your very first car? Undoubtedly, not only is it financially beneficial and environment-friendly, but it is also trendy. Many choose them precisely because that is the most innovative option in the market. The same can be said about - it is a site for BMW future classifieds.

The number of users is gradually increasing, and the portal invites you to register as well!