Driving school in Daugavpils: the best place in Latvia to get a licence?

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Overall there are more than 200 driving schools that operate in Latvia, and each one of them is trying to stand out and attract the attention of future drivers. However, there is 1 driving school that evidently has taken the lead becoming top driving school in the field - that is Presto driving school in Daugavpils. Not only it offers innovative training methods and modern digital solutions, but it also has proven the quality of the training by convincing statistical results - according to data from CSDD, it is exactly in Presto where a higher percentage of trainees pass the exams on the 1st attempt. Besides, BMW also has a role in this story… More about you can read in the continuation!

What is driving school in Daugavpils?

Driving school in Daugavpils belongs to the chain of Presto driving schools - it is one of the branches of the largest driving school in Latvia. Besides, Daugavpils is 1 of the cities in which it is possible to pass CSDD exams. That is why those Latgalians that live in other cities, are recommended to visit Daugavpils at least once to drive around before the exam, so that the trickiest crossroads are already familiar. Otherwise there could be many surprises and not the most pleasant! The traffic in the big Latgalian city is quite different from the one in villages. One of the reasons is that in Daugavpils there is also a tram.

A place where to meet the right people

Until the end of October, the motorcycle season is officially on. It means that there are only a few months left in this year to fulfill the dream of getting a motorcycle licence. Obtaining the licence opens up a lot of opportunities to meet other like-minded people - it is possible to join motorcycle clubs or establish one's own. There are different thematic events organized for the motorcycle drivers that allow not only traveling together, but also gaining new friends on the road. Besides, the time just flies on the motorcycle - the tank that was filled up in the morning already by the end of the day will be empty for many riders.

However, there is not an opportunity to meet the right people only after finishing driving school. The training model of Presto allows each one to find the Right instructor. The conditions of the contract do not establish attachment of the student to 1 particular instructor, but enable a free exchange. It is possible to go to another instructor even in every single class! It is like this for all the categories.

This model was chosen by reevaluating the drawbacks of entrenched standards - very often training under guidance of only 1 instructor causes quite a number of unpleasant situations to the trainees. Of course, this traditional approach has not fully disappeared - also in Presto each one can go to 1 specific instructor if there is a will. The only difference is that each one has a chance to choose freely. If a certain instructor due to any circumstances does not seem nice, it is not possible to find a common language, the teaching approach does not lead to any progress or there is a sense that the training process is getting prolonged on purpose, it is possible to book a class next time with another instructor. This will not require any scandals, failing of complaints or providing explanations to the team of administration about why the particular instructor is not suitable.

A place where IS choice

Not only instructors, but also car brands can be chosen in Presto. It is recommended to use the chance to book a class with another instructor to gain a wider driving experience and increase the technical skills when driving different car makes. As almost each instructor drives another model, a quite versatile training is provided to the trainees.

Without BMW - impossible!

BMW in the story about gaining the licence plays a significant role. And not in vain - BMW is one of the favorite car brands in Latvia; therefore, also on the day of the exam at CSDD, it is very probable that the trainee will have to demonstrate the driving skills exactly behind the steering wheel of BMW. The choice of the car brand cannot be done by the trainee himself, but the computer system assigns a specific model randomly. Those are the following models that may be allotted: Volkswagen Golf 7, Audi A3 Sportback and BMW 218D XDrive Active Tourer.

In the maneuverability training area the rules to complete the tasks coincide for Audi and BMW; however, they differ to Golf. Because of that the trainee should know how to drive at least 2 of the car models - then it will be clear how to drive the 3rd one as well. But the differences between the cars do not lay only in the completion of the tasks in the maneuverability training area, they are also technical.

If the trainee gets in the BMW for the 1st time only on the day of the exam, there could be a certain confusion encountered - there is no ignition key. In this case, the car must be started by pressing the START button. However, the surprises are going to await also on the further road - reversing is quite different… If normally the gearshift was moved upwards, then suddenly it has to be pushed deeper, and if the trainee has not technically adjusted previously to this difference, on the day of the exam he may as well feel as if it was the 1st driving lesson. And it surely won't help to demonstrate skills of convincing driving… Also other seemingly insignificant nuances differ; but on the day of the exam they may turn out to be crucial.

A place where to drive every day

Another factor that makes Presto stand out among other driving schools is the option to drive daily, including on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on the festive days that are marked by red colour in the calendar. This approach is used not only in driving school in Daugavpils, but in all of the branches of Presto in the whole of Latvia.

Limited chances of attending classes significantly prolong the training process. However, when attending classes regularly on an intensive schedule, the licence can be obtained as fast as within a month or 3 months. On average there are 30-40 classes needed to master the driving skills on a sufficient level. When driving every day, this number can be reached within 30-40 days. If there are 3-4 classes planned a week, the licence may truly be in the pocket just within 3 months!

A place where everything is digital

Long waiting in the rows, uncountable face-to-face visits, long phone calls to agree on the attendance of classes - nothing of this is the style of Presto. The driving school has invested in the improvement of digital solutions instead. Thanks to that, almost everything can be done online. Both signing of the agreement as well as booking driving classes can be done on the internet.

Besides, it is possible to get acquainted with the content of the agreement on the website even before signing it. Unlike other driving schools that offer such chances only to those who arrive in person, the attitude of Presto is far more transparent. It tells a lot about the honesty of the driving school.

Personal approach

After signing the agreement an online profile gets created for each of the trainees. The profile is used to apply for medical certificate and first aid training. Medical commissions are in Riga, Daugavpils and Liepāja. First aid training is mandatory - only those that have gained a certificate of having accomplished the course have the right to pass the theory exam.

The trainee can book the driving classes through the profile and pay for the service online. It is easy to review the classes that have already been booked as well to oversee the schedule of all the instructors altogether. The schedule of the theory classes is also available. There is even a separate personal accountancy section - there can be seen both incoming and outgoing transfers. In general it can all be described in 2 words - personal approach.

Top driving school - a place that lives up to the expectations

The teaching model of the driving school, the knowledgeable and highly qualified instructors ensure options to each trainee to gain the licence. Not only the trainees have a higher success rate when passing the exams, but also the training process takes less time than elsewhere. It all is possible thanks to the innovative approach - in this driving school, the instructors can be changed freely, it is possible to learn driving with different car models and drive daily!

More information can be found on presto.lv - it is a driving school whose instructors also drive a BMW! And it is a driving school that offers options instead of limitations! Just like BMW.