BMW i3 Urban Suite: a novelty that symbolizes the future

18-мар, 09;53 admin 11 546
The BMW i3 Urban Suite was unveiled at CES 2020 and caused an incredible furore. In fact, the car is really unique in its class. Today, millions of consumers around the world are ready to place an order for this model. In modern realities, you can understand that the car will be popular mainly in the Asian market, and in particular in Japan.

The BMW i3 Urban Suite is based on the BMW i3, the best-selling electric model in the premium compact segment worldwide. The model arrives at CES 2020 with a new approach to reveal a mobility experience fully adapted to the needs of the passenger. The car impresses with its characteristics and is sure to leave you with pleasant emotions.
More comfortable seats with a footrest, 5G connection and many other features. You can make sure of this yourself by reading reviews from experts. The I3 Urban Suite comes with recycled materials combined with wood and leather. The car is also controlled automatically using a special app. That is, the combination of compactness and unique technologies makes it unsurpassed in its class.