The first series of BMW 2 Gran Coupé entered the final stage of testing

18-мар, 09;49 admin 11 363
The new four-door coupe of the premium segment of the compact class has been fully tested. The first BMW series 2 Gran Coupé comes with front-wheel drive and has a number of technological developments with the newly released BMW series 1. Like its partner in the compact premium segment, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé uses advanced chassis technology and innovative control systems to raise the standard in terms of dynamics and flexibility.

The car was tested a few weeks ago, but minor deviations were found in the process. Today, the car showed its best side. The car also remains the most anticipated among the entire BMW line. All the details of the configuration will be available after the exhibition, which will be held in Los Angeles this year.
The tip of the sports range is equipped with the most powerful four-cylinder engine in the BMW Group portfolio, which produces 225 kW (306 HP). It is also equipped with the standard newly developed Torsen limited-level mechanical differential, which gives the car an even more sporty configuration, creating a locking effect between the front wheels.